Telling a New Story

“It is a moral imperative for us to be good and responsible stewards of the earth.” Fifty-three years ago today (April 17), the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) gave official recognition to a new fellowship in the movement: the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bowling Green. The year was 1963. The President was John F. Kennedy. The … Continued

Herbs Free for the Picking

The UUCBG Herb Garden is located next to the doors of the Fellowship Hall. The plants are labeled, and everyone is welcome to harvest some herbs for cooking or drying. In 2015, our herb garden contained: lemon thyme purple sage golden sage purple basil oregano marjoram feverfew chives garlic chives lavender tarragon artemisia marigold In … Continued

Finding the flowers

In December, our congregation voted unanimously for an Ecological Land Ministry. This spring, with a reduced mowing schedule, our front lawn is undergoing a transformation from a grass monoculture to a vibrant ecosystem. As you walk up to the church door, how many different kinds of flowers can you find?

A Tour of Our Garden Grove

Our Garden Grove is designed to make good use of our property–its shape and slope and soil–and to benefit from the dynamic interplay at the edges – an edge of the driveway, the building, the berm, and the plants themselves. The trees, shrubs, and flowers we are planting have been chosen to harvest the potential … Continued

ELM News – January 2015

January 2015 Sowing the Seed The Ecological Land Ministry (ELM) Task Force is pleased to report that our church land has been sown with clover, and that the berm and the future Garden Grove (currently the grassy sink along Nashville Rd) has been sown with clover, peas, and twenty species of native wildflowers.Fourteen members and … Continued