UU Festivals

festivals at UUCBG

Water Sharing Ritual (late August) – As the summer ends, we each bring water from a place special to us and mingle it in a communal bowl. This tradition was started in 1980 at the UU Women in Religion convocation.

Remembrance (late October or early November) – We honor and remember those people who are no longer with us.

Remembrance Day 2014

Solstice Spiral and Illumination  (third weekend in December) – as part of the Winter holidays, we walk a spiral path of evergreens by candlelight n the evening and the next day celebrate Illumination Day

UU Festival - Illumination of Chalices

Earth Day (spring) – We welcome spring and honor the earth.

people circling the maypole

Flower Celebration (late spring)

UU Festival - Flower Celebration