For-Web-Kids-CROP-WalkMinistry is meeting the needs of others with enlightened service. Our congregation practices shared ministry. That is, we share this responsibility with our called minister. Together, we minister to one another in our congregation, in the larger community, and beyond our local community.

This is faith in action.

Ministry to One Another

Sharing Joys and Sorrows

The minister provides pastoral care for members of our congregation who are ill, grieving, home-bound, or have other personal needs. Members share this ministry by sending cards, providing meals or transportation, visiting the sick, running  errands and giving moral support when needed. Our Caring Committee alerts members to those needs.

Youth Providing Music at a Sunday Service

The ministry of Sunday morning worship is also a shared experience. Our minister presents the sermons most of the time, but when he is not in the pulpit, members of the Sunday Service Committee schedule the speakers—visiting ministers, members of our congregation, or other speakers. The Committee also helps plan the Order of Service and arranges for those taking part in the service. Talented members provide music for the Service.

Archived sermons are available for your reading.


Ministry to the Larger Community

Delivering Meals to Senior Shut-ins

Reaching out to the community beyond our church walls has been a customary practice of Unitarians and Universalists since their beginnings. The minister, along with members of the congregation, is active in interfaith collaborative projects, such as environmental awareness, food for local food banks, and social action events.

Our youth also participate in these programs, including support for cultural diversity at the Bowling Green International Festival, where they sell fair trade coffee and chocolate.


Reaching Out Beyond Our Community

Both Unitarian and Universalist histories are inseparable from social and political action over the years. Since the Unitarians and the Universalists consolidated in 1961, our congregations have continued a proud tradition of activism.

Volunteering in Ethiopia
Third Sunday Collection Is Taken for the Canine Assistants Organization

So it is with our congregation. Members donate their time to help people in need around the world.

We also set aside our morning offering every third Sunday of the month to support social action programs and charities, including relief for victims of natural disasters. Our Social Action Committee recommends the recipients of the offering each month.

Additionally, we study social justice issues to become more aware of injustices and ways we can help make a difference. Our minister frequently preaches about how our food is produced and ways in which we can be socially responsible in the choices we make.

We invite you to join us in our mission to actively work to improve our society and the environment.