When: 12:00 AM - 1:30 PM Sun 22 Jan 2017
Where: UU Church of Bowling Green

All members are warmly encouraged, and all friends are welcome, to attend the Winter 2017 UUCBG Congregational Meeting. It will be held in the Channing Sanctuary at 2033 Nashville Road in Bowling Green on Sunday, January 22, directly following the 11:00 o’clock service. Please read the Voter Guide (attached to this post) before the meeting.

UUCBG Voter Guide 2017.1

Proposed Agenda

Because items on the agenda are subject to revision during the meeting, you must be present to vote on them, and there will be no absentee ballots.

  • Welcome, Chalice Lighting, Opening Reading
  • Call to Order, Verify Quorum, Announcements
  • Approving the Agenda
  • Amending the Bylaws (vote by voice/hand by members of the congregations)
    1. Article 3 – Meetings
    2. Article 6 – Minister
    3. Endowment Fund and Policies
    4. Committees (including Endowment Committee)
  • Changes in Personnel (We vote at the Spring Meeting)
    1. Board Appointees to Endowment Committee for term 25 Jan 2017 to 30 Jun 2017
    2. Board Appointees to Nominating Committee for term ending 30 Jun 2017.
  • Safe Congregation Policy
  • Report from the Committee on Ministry
  • Transitional Ministry Presentation / Discussion
  • Parking Space Winner
  • Closing Reading, adjournment


Amending the Agenda: If you would like to amend the proposed agenda, please contact President Matt Foraker (president@uubgky.org) as soon as possible. The agenda can be amended at the meeting, but it is better done beforehand. Per Roberts’ Rules of Order, the first order of business at the meeting will be for the congregation to vote to approve an agenda.

Channing Sanctuary - UU Church of Bowling Green

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