Justice is the fundamental law of the moral universe.

Rev. Theodore Parker

Rev. Richard Nugent
When: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Sun 20 Sep 2020
Where: Zoom Meeting

If life is a flowing stream, it seems to be flowing along at a more leisurely pace. Many of the distractions of daily life have fallen away, allowing us to deeply observe the world through our respective lens. As the Rev. Theodore Parker asked in the 19th century: “What of our faith is permanent while what is transient?”

As of March 2020, we meet online for Sunday Services, either with another church or at home at UUCBG. Please join us via Zoom ID 975 8792 4789 with password chalice

Speaker’s Biography
Rev. Richard Nugent, together with his family, has been part of the Cedar Lane family for twelve years. After 11 years as a congregational minister, Richard now directs the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances which manages the UUA Health and other insurance plans, the UU Organizations Retirement Plan, the UUA Compensation Standards, and emergency aid funds. He lives in Washington, DC, but grew up in Maryland.


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