Susan Webb
When: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Sun 27 Jan 2019
Where: Unitarian Universalist Church

What if peace, compassion, and wisdom weren’t just nice words but your actual day-to-day experience?

If your goal is to be present with your breath and your feelings in the middle of heated discussions; to face your emotional wounds, examine your deeply held beliefs and take ownership of how they affect your relationships with others, empathize with the needs of others and speak up for your own even when you are afraid, than you may find support for all that in the Ongo group. This small-group experience will begin at 1:30 on Sunday, January 27 downstairs in the Fellowship Building.

Ongo was developed by Catherine Caden and Jesse Wiens as a way to encourage “ongoing” spiritual practice, using wisdom and practices from a variety of traditions, primarily Buddhism and Nonviolent Communication. Together we will use The Ongo Bookto provide inspiration, step-by-step guidance, and ways to create support and companionship in deepening the questions and allowing answers to emerge through your own insights and discoveries.

If you are interested in accepting or leaning more about this invitation to grow, please contact Susan Webb (mshw6@aol.com)immediately. Books will be available for purchase on Sundays from Susan.

Thoreau Rm (Meditation) - Unitarian Universalist Church

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