When: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Sun 6 Jun 2021
Where: UU Church of Bowling Green

The Green Sanctuary Team encourages you to come a bit early on Sunday mornings and pull some weeds on your way into the buildings. Even a few minutes of weeding can make a big difference!

Or come at 8am or 9am (before it gets hot) and do a bigger project then change into clean clothes before the 11am service or 10am gatherings.

If you’re not sure what’s a weed and what isn’t, please ask a UUCBG Gardener (Judy Tabor, Michele Steiner, Janeen Grohsmeyer, Tim McGaughey, Jeff Strong). To help get started: The Wintercreeper vine is never welcome anywhere, and we don’t want dandelions in our garden beds.

- UU Church of Bowling Green

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