Thank you for sharing your ideas for a new vision for our beloved community!  At the Winter 2016 Congregational Meeting, the congregation will vote on a new vision statement for our church.


“We envision a welcoming congregation with abundant resources and diverse ministries, nourishing people in body, mind, and spirit within a garden that honors the earth. We envision our church as a wellspring of spiritual exploration, learning, and action, where all are inspired and empowered to connect with our wider community and to improve our world.”



  • We envision a community of spiritual curiosity, mindful communication, social justice, and earth centered consciousness, so that we are a beacon of hope in western Kentucky.
  • Our congregation, mindful of the need for spiritual balance, nurtures spiritual and intellectual growth in the search for ultimate truth and serves as a force for positive change in the community.
  • We will articulate a multigenerational church that supports and sustains multiple versions of social justice. We envision a beloved community working toward peace, encouraging diversity and mutual learning.
  • We aspire to be a viable and vital community that provides nourishment to people who have accepted the responsibility of developing their own spiritual and philosophical path while promoting our ideals to the wider society.
  • Our vision is for our church to be a center of learning and spiritual growth for all ages where we are empowered and inspired to make a difference in our community.
  • We strive to attract caring, compassionate people willing to listen and learn: to share knowledge, develop wisdom, grow in spirituality, rationality, and flow with change.
  • We aspire to be a vibrant, open sanctuary in which each individual is free to pursue his or her spiritual and intellectual search for meaning and truth through learning, teaching, and service.