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Here Comes the Sun

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces. Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright. So sings George Harrison on The Beatles’ beloved classic “Here Comes the Sun.” It has always one of my favorite Beatles songs and speaks of hope and a … Continued

Summer Lite Services

The Sunday Services Team is proposing a different approach each Sunday in July and August. Our team has stepped up this past year, and we would like to rest and regroup. We will be reaching out to all other teams and activity leaders to take one Sunday morning service during these 2 months. All we … Continued

We Will Get Through This

These last couple of months have reminded me of an old joke:A man was advised by his doctor to give up sex, alcohol, and rich food. “Will I live longer, Doc?” the patient asks.“No, it’ll just seem longer,” answers the doctor. Like many of you, I’m ready to get back to normal. I’m anxious togo … Continued

A New Normal

When I got the reminder from our newsletter editors, my first reaction was “Is it May already??!!” This small glitch in our lives has over the month of increasing numbers and deaths become a life-changing event. Whether you’ve been working from home—while home schooling your children, working insane hours taking care of the sick, trying … Continued

What We Cherish

As I sit down to write this, I’m still in the afterglow of the March 29th virtual service with The Foothills UU Church in Colorado. The heat is off, and some of my doors and windows are open, while the wind blows wildly outside. I think spring is really here! On Sunday morning as we … Continued

Letter from the Board

We have no idea how long we will have to “social distance”, sanitize and “stay at home.” This uncertainty weighs on each of us. In addition, it will put stresses on us in known and unknown ways. How long we will be unable to spend time with friends and loved ones that we do not … Continued

Love is a magical thing

February is the month of LOVE. “All you need is LOVE.” Love is a much bandied word these days. “Standing on the side of Love.” But it was not a word that I heard much growing up. In fact, it was never said, but always understood. Of course my parents loved me. But there was … Continued

Migrants in Texas

At a Sunday service in October, Lisa and John shared their experiences when visiting our border with Mexico. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR PRESENTATION About the Speakers: Married ten years, John and Lisa have recently retired from their respective occupations as engineer and nurse-midwife.   John, upon meeting Lisa, immediately realized that he had found a partner … Continued

Embracing Change

In December 2018, I had the privilege of traveling to China in my role as Head of the Department of Modern Languages. I traveled with the coordinator of the Chinese Program at WKU to visit our students who are studying abroad this year in Nanjing and Beijing. I could not have asked for a better … Continued

Winter Solstice Spiral

Winter Solstice Night 5:30 Wednesday 20 December 2017 As the year turns and winter begins, come walk a spiral path of evergreens with music and candlelight.  All ages welcome! If you’d like to help create this event, contact Janeen at We’ll need pine boughs and greenery, which can be brought to the church on … Continued

In Transition

We are a church in transition. As we embark on the interim process after the retirement of our settled minister who served our church for eight years, we will naturally revisit existing ideas. At the end of September, about thirty people in our congregation met to re-examine our ecological values and our commitment to the … Continued

Lessons Learned

By my rough estimate, this is the 85th time I’ve written a Minister’s Message for our church newsletter. That adds up to a lot of words. I hope that some of them, at least, have been helpful in providing our church members and friends with some hints and guideposts for your spiritual journey through this … Continued

UUCBG in the Daily News

The UU Church of Bowling Green is pleased to be one of the four religious institutions in town that were profiled in the Daily News‘s special “Thrive” section on Sunday.  Here is a link to that article:  

On Membership

As I’ve been preparing for our upcoming Heritage Sunday (April 9, 2017), I’ve also been thinking about what it means to be a member of something, whether that is an organization, a club, a family or a church community. Most of us can say that we are now or at least have been a member … Continued

A Problem-Solving Church

At our Winter Congregational Meeting on January 22, we discussed the future of the church and what options we have after our minister retires this summer. First, I spoke about the optimism and enthusiasm that was present in our community after building our new Fellowship Hall and calling a minister eight years ago. While that … Continued

Building a Playground

The Endowment Committee has approved the RE Committee’s request for $700 to create a playground in the walled area outside the classrooms. Our plans call for installing fences and gates (to keep the little ones from wandering), painting hopscotch and a labyrinth on the sidewalk and a mural on the wall, and building some climbing … Continued

Studying Inequality and the Corruption of Our Democracy

At the UU General Assembly, delegates chose “The Corruption of Our Democracy” as the 2016-2020 Congregational Study Action Issue (CSAI). The text of the CSAI and the new Study Action Guide are now available. The guide addresses how structural racism, economic inequality, violence, and climate change can be addressed through creating a strong movement fighting … Continued


On Sunday, November 13, the Board of Directors met with interested members of the congregation to discuss the retirement of the Rev. Connolly next summer and our options for what happens next. The Board showed the UUA material and resources available at the UUA website, including the Transitional Ministry Handbook, and we all watched a … Continued

A Voice for Fairness and Justice

There are religious traditions that encourage passivity. A common teaching is that there is a God who controls everything and that it is the role of human beings to believe that everything that occurs is an aspect of God’s will, and that it is our duty to submit to that will, trusting that in doing … Continued