Policy – Creating and Amending Policies

Policy Statement: It is the policy of UUCBG that Policies are developed with input from interested parties, are approved by the Board, are formatted in a consistent manner, and are available to members of the congregation. All church members and groups shall follow policy when making decisions or taking action. Members shall be kept informed … Continued

Procedure – Sunday Bulletin

Gathering Info for the Sunday Bulletin Inserts Inserts intended for use during the service (ceremonies, songs, readings, etc.) should be sent to the Service Coordinator for that Sunday at least ten days before the service. Inserts intended as announcements (Third-Sunday beneficiaries, special events, important news, etc.)¬† are due to the office by 9 a.m. on … Continued

Procedure: Communications – Projector

Our projector has these connectors Computer 7 VGA-out 9 VGA-in (female D15) 12 VGA 1-in (female D15) Video 3 Composite Video 4 S-Video (7-pin socket) Audio (RCA Sockets) 1 Audio Out 2 Audio 2-in/MIC 5 Audio 1-in Other Connectors 6 RJ45 8 RS-232C 10 USB 11 HDMI We have a short cable for the VGA … Continued

UUCBG Reimbursement Voucher

Requests for payment for Church-related expenditures by any Church Team or Committee or by an individual are to be accompanied by this¬†Voucher and, when applicable, by a sales receipt. Before submission to the Church office for payment, Team and committee requests are to be approved and signed by the Team Coordinator or Committee chairperson, co-chairperson … Continued

Procedures – Sunday Services Committee

Procedure for Service Coordinator The service coordinator reviews the title and teaser and suggests edits if necessary makes sure the jobs of readers, song leader, accompanist, moderator are all filled gets a bio from guest speakers and sends that (along with Title and Teaser and quote to Communications committee at least 2.5 weeks before the … Continued

Procedure – Unbudgeted Proposals

Board Approved March 25, 2015, Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green, Kentucky Procedure for handling project that was not included in the approved annual budget. After the project is approved by the Board, it should be reviewed with the Finance Committee and the Treasurer so that the project can be included in the financial system. … Continued

Policy – Religious Exploration

Please click on the attached file to read the policies for Religious Exploration Religious Exploration Com Policy

Policy – Rate Structure for Recurring Events

Board Approved February 2016, Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green, Kentucky Please read the attached document for our current policy , procedure, and rates for renting. Rental Agreement