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In Transition

We are a church in transition. As we embark on the interim process after the retirement of our settled minister who served our church for eight years, we will naturally revisit existing ideas. At the end of September, about thirty people in our congregation met to re-examine our ecological values and our commitment to the … Continued

A Problem-Solving Church

At our Winter Congregational Meeting on January 22, we discussed the future of the church and what options we have after our minister retires this summer. First, I spoke about the optimism and enthusiasm that was present in our community after building our new Fellowship Hall and calling a minister eight years ago. While that … Continued


On Sunday, November 13, the Board of Directors met with interested members of the congregation to discuss the retirement of the Rev. Connolly next summer and our options for what happens next. The Board showed the UUA material and resources available at the UUA website, including the Transitional Ministry Handbook, and we all watched a … Continued

Ministerial Transitions

As everyone knows, our minister Rev. Connolly is going to retire next summer. In my last perspective, I wrote about how the board will be contacting the UUA to discuss this transition and our options. This is a new experience for us, but every church that has called a minister will one day say farewell … Continued

My Spiritual Search

When I was four, my Presbyterian parents told me about God, Jesus, and Hell. It was traumatic. I truly thought that my parents were nuts. Forced to attend church while growing up, I endured the painful hour as one endures a necessary but painful medical procedure, and it was painful. Each Sunday as we exited … Continued

Immortality for Real

“All men are mortal – Socrates is a man – therefore Socrates is mortal.” Students hear these words as they embark on a journey of mental gymnastics. Yes, this talk is cerebral. I am going to tickle the gray stuff. Are we all mortal? Actually, in Plato’s Phaedo, Socrates argued that humans have an immortal … Continued