The Path to Membership is a Journey to Deeper Commitment

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UUCBG Membership book
UUCBG Membership book

Church membership represents a deeper connection with a religious community. To help you discern whether or not membership in the UU Church of Bowling Green is right for you, we encourage you to think about participating in the activities below before making your decision.

  • Attending several church services. Our services follow a similar format each Sunday, but they differ in themes, personalities involved, music, and other items. You may find that you don’t enjoy every service, but DO like (very much) most of them.
  • Reflecting upon our covenants and our mission. Members are called upon to support our mission and to live in accordance with our Church Covenant and our Covenant of Right Relations.
  • Participating in a “Getting to know UU” event. This event gives you the opportunity to find out more about the Unitarian Universalism and the programs offered by our church. It also provides you with the benefit of meeting other people who are interested in the UU Church of Bowling Green, along with church members who can answer your questions.
  • Speaking personally with the minister or member of the Membership Committee. Sometimes, it helps to simply talk one-to-one with another person if you have questions about the church, membership expectations, or want to talk more about your own spiritual journey and how it might be supported here. It’s easy to set up a meeting with one of the members of the Membership Committee. Just talk to one of the greeters on Sunday or call the church office at 270-842-4060 or contact us through this website.
  • Reviewing the church bylaws. Not everyone is interested in looking over the governing documents of the church, but we encourage you to do so. The documents show the basic structure of church governance and the processes through which decisions are made, and members are expected to abide by them.
  • Understanding the responsibility to contribute to the church community. Members and friends of the church contribute in meaningful ways to the UU Church of Bowling Green, giving their time and sharing their ideas to the church, in line with their personal talents, energy, and interests. Members are also expected to make a reasonable financial pledge each year, although exceptions can be made when persons are experiencing severe financial hardship. Your gifts help support our church’s programs, pay for the buildings, support the minister, RE teachers, and office staff, and continue our outreach programs in the larger community.
  • Expressing an interest in joining. Easy! Just call the church office (270-842-4060) or send us a note, or talk with one of the Membership Committee folks.

People joining UUCBG

Benefits of Membership

  • You become part of a vital and dynamic community of faith and action.
  • Your voice joins those of thousands of other Unitarian Universalists who speak for social justice, freedom of thought, the worth and dignity of every human being, and environmental action.
  • You can vote to make decisions about the budget and other important issues at our congregational meetings and you can vote for candidates for the Board of Directors and for certain committees.
  • You can serve as a congregational delegate at regional and national assemblies.
  • You can serve on the Board and help guide our congregation into the future.
  • You receive all regular church mailings, including our informative bimonthly newsletter.
  • You receive UU World, the quarterly magazine from the Unitarian Universalist Association.