Summer Lite Services


The Sunday Services Team is proposing a different approach each Sunday in July and August. Our team has stepped up this past year, and we would like to rest and regroup. We will be reaching out to all other teams and activity leaders to take one Sunday morning service during these 2 months. All we request is that you keep the event UUish by lighting our chalice to begin, and by extinguishing it at the end. The in-between is all yours.

The Sunday Services Team will host the first Summer lite service on July 4th with a Potluck Brunch. We do not want to close our doors completely on Sunday morning, and we fully expect guests to wander in and be delightfully surprised. The Board of Directors and the various teams can meet during this time, and plan for the upcoming year. Therefore, leaders and chairs of the following, please expect a friendly request soon.

*Membership-( team rebuilding?)

*Tai Chi-( movements for the Aging?)

*Green Sanctuary/Earthcare-(bring garden gloves, pruners, recycling tips?)

*Buddha Buddies-( something Enlightening?)

*Meditation- (Breathing in and out?)

*Social Justice-( engaging legislators, 8th Principle?)

*Musicians-( All Vaccinated Sing-a-long?)

*Chalice Circle Religions-( Comparative Study?).

“First come, first served” on dates. Hope to hear from a team rep from each of these soon. Sunday Services Team really needs your help.

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