Letter from the Board


We have no idea how long we will have to “social distance”, sanitize and “stay at home.” This uncertainty weighs on each of us. In addition, it will put stresses on us in known and unknown ways. How long we will be unable to spend time with friends and loved ones that we do not live with, and how long will be have to endure being cooped up with our roommates and extended families? For some of us with compromised immune systems and underlying conditions, the thought of going out becomes literally life threatening. For some of us, whose jobs are impacted by businesses closing, there are financial worries, and dread about paying our bills and buying food.

For now there are no easy answers. We are hoping to help with some of the anxiety of this situation. Our ministers are working at creating virtual gathering events and services. Richard Thornton and Larry Berry will be working on creating a Phone Tree to reach out to our many members via the old-fashioned telephone. Michele Steiner is sharpening her technology skills to help us create virtual meeting spots via Zoom. Wes Skinner will be working with Diane Lewis and Janeen Grohsmeyer to create Sunday Services of our speakers or in combination with other Churches so that we have a spiritual place to visit on Sunday mornings.

Many of you have already stepped forward and offered to help us keep the Mission of our Fellowship going while we are in this trying time. There is lots of work still to do, and we are in uncharted territory here. So let us know how we can help you, via Facebook, email, or phone. Elinor will continue to keep regular hours in the church office on Tuesdays—Fridays from 9 AM to 2 PM, and will be able to have someone contact you via your preferred mode of communication. Your Board and other teams and committees will continue to meet virtually to get the chores of the church accomplished.

We look forward to when we can all “come out and play” again. Until then stay safe and “wash your hands!”

Larry Berry, Kathie Downs, John Forman, Wes Skinner, Michele Steiner, Richard Thornton

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