Ministerial Transitions


As everyone knows, our minister Rev. Connolly is going to retire next summer. In my last perspective, I wrote about how the board will be contacting the UUA to discuss this transition and our options. This is a new experience for us, but every church that has called a minister will one day say farewell and then find itself in transition. For UUs, hiring an Interim Minister is a common practice.

Accordingly, the Board will be in communication with our Congregational Life Consultant, Lisa Presley, as well as with the UUA’s Transitions Director, Keith Kron, to obtain expertise and support regarding the process of hiring an Interim Minister.

This process is usually successful, though sometimes a church does not immediately succeed in finding a match from the available candidates. In our case, we need someone willing to move to the Bowling Green area and accept the employment conditions. For this reason, the Board will of course be considering other possibilities to present to the congregation.

In the face of uncertainty, it is natural to speculate about various scenarios that might happen after Rev. Connolly leaves. Generating ideas about what is possible can be a healthy discourse that leads to solutions we should explore. At the same time, fostering unsettling or alarming predictions that are not grounded in the facts can be unhealthy. Also, what occurs to one person as a good idea might seem quite disturbing to another.

Anyone who has questions about the process or what the board is considering regarding the transition next year is encouraged to contact myself and other Board members.

We will be having a Question and Answer meeting for interested people after church at 12:30 pm on Sunday, November 13. All are welcome to attend.

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