Let’s Get This Party Started!


Are you a good organizer? Social butterfly? The life of the party? Good! We need your talents! The Caring Community Team is looking for people to develop ideas for, plan, and coordinate church social events this fall. In an effort to build a stronger church spirit and generally joyful camaraderie, we need “people-people” to step up to the plate!

Some ideas have been floated already–what else can your creative minds come up with? How about…

  • A Family Halloween Party: Tentatively scheduled for the Friday before Halloween. A scary (but friendly -scary!) opportunity for our young and young-at-heart to participate in family-friendly Halloween games (in family-friendly costumes, of course!). So poke around the attic for that (aaaaarrgh!) pirate garb and unearth your unearthly candy-corn-brownie recipe and join the Team!
  • Adults’ Evening Out: What’s your pleasure of a chilly Autumn evening (PG-13 ratings, folks!): Coffee Haus Talent Night? Board-Game-Palooza? Nostalgia, Action, Rom-Com, or Horror Movie Night? We need a team to put together “A Night to Remember”! Childcare arrangements available.

Come help us with these oh-so-social events! We need your expertise and enthusiasm! Please contact David Wellman, Rev. Peter Connolly, or any other member of the Caring Community Team. We are counting on lots of volunteers to help out, so not all the work needs to be done by you planning types!

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