Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

Beginning on Wednesday, September 21, the Rev. Peter Connolly will be leading an adult Religious Exploration class called Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography.  Over the course of eight Sundays, participants will engage in drawing and writing exercises and community-enriching conversations, culminating in the creation by each participant of an 8-to-10-page autobiography written from a spiritual perspective.
The course is based on the text The Story of Your Life by Dan Wakefield, published by Beacon Press in 1990 and now available from Amazon.  Dan describes the purpose of the course as a “pilgrimage to look for the source of one’s faith and see one’s experience in relation to that search.”  Participants will look back on, rethink and “re-feel” formative experiences, “both positive and negative, that shape the spirit” of who we are.
Class size is limited to fifteen. Meeting times are from 6:00 to 7:30 on Wednesdays, beginning on September 21 and ending November .16. (No class will be held on Oct 5.) All are invited to participate.  For more information, please speak to Rev. Connolly.
(If you are interested in leading or co-leading another section of the course to meet on weeknights, please see Rev. Connolly.  Thank you!)

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