Our Church’s Democratic Process


The Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green will hold our annual congregational meeting on Sunday, May 22. All members are warmly encouraged and all friends are invited to attend. To help us begin promptly once the 11:00 o’clock service is over, refreshments will be provided in the Olympia Brown lobby outside the sanctuary.

This year, along with the standard reports on the congregation’s financial condition, we have a contested election and several items on the proposed agenda. We have three excellent candidates for the two open seats on the Board: Buzzy Groves, Laura McGee, and David Wellman. Church members can vote for no more than two of the three, and many may find it a difficult choice to have to make. Members will have a chance to vote on whether to confirm the board’s nomination of Kerry Kennedy and Eileen Arnold for a three-year term on the Endowment Committee. Both Kerry and Eileen are currently serving on that committee.

Early Voting and Absentee Ballots  Early voting on the nominees and candidates is available for people who cannot attend the meeting. To be included in the count, your Absentee Ballot must be turned in before the meeting is called to order on May 22, so please don’t delay. Instructions are printed on the ballot, which is available in your Voter Guide and from the Office.

Our annual meeting will provide information about what our resources are and how we will be moving forward as a congregation. We will have opportunities to learn about what’s been happening and about changes to come, and to share perspectives on a number of aspects of our church’s functioning and plans.

The proposed agenda includes a presentation from our minister, the Rev. Peter Connolly, a report from the Stewardship Committee, a presentation on the proposed 2016–17 budget, and a report from the Endowment Committee. There will be a briefing on the transition now in process to a ministry organizational plan, and how that plan will impact opportunities to serve in meaningful ways that fit the variety of skills and interests of our congregation. We will vote on a proposed amendment to the bylaw about membership.

Please make an effort to attend and take advantage of this opportunity to be engaged in how we create and maintain the structures that support and sustain our mission. Friends are invited to attend, and members will have the opportunity to make their votes count.

Susan Webb, Board President   

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