Online Updates

Our site is now easier to read on phones.

Our Website ( is now using the theme from UUA. The site is more interactive and has an online calendar. Each week’s sermon topic and roadside pulpit message is displayed on the front page.

All committees are encouraged to have at least one person who posts information on our website. You can create events and set them up to accept registrations. Soon, we’ll enable buying tickets via PayPal. You can post your news without waiting for the newsletter to come out. Information posted on our website can be simultaneously posted on our Facebook Page.

Our Facebook Page is now classified as a Community instead of as a Company, which means it no longer has business reviews. The weekly UU Humor posts are some of the most popular. In the last two years (Feb 2014 to Feb 2016), the number of people Liking the page has increased from 354 to 486.

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