Moving into the Future


This Sunday, March 20th, we will be gathering for the annual chili cook off. It’s a great opportunity for us to get together for fun and great chili, and it also serves as the kick-off of our yearly stewardship campaign.

This is the time for all of us who benefit from being a part of our community to consider what we are willing and able to contribute to it. What—in terms of financial resources, time, and talent—will we offer in service of our mission? A very personal question, and a question that speaks to our commitment to this community, both as it exists today and as we hope it may one day be.

We should also acknowledge that what we hope for may not come to pass, and that would not necessarily be bad. Our society and our ways of structuring our lives continue to change. Across our denomination and outside of it, congregations may be very different in ten or twenty years. It seems unrealistic to restrict ourselves to planning for a future that is simply a minor variation on our past and present.

When blogging about the elements of their New Leader paradigm, the MidAmerica regional UUA staff observes that getting serious about the future can mean breaking patterns in two very different ways:

  1. To be willing to try some things without asking so much for assurance of success
  2. To be willing to get real about the basics, to be more willing to trim more of the dreamy-eyed non-essentials, to have a little more obsessive follow-through on details, and to ask more quickly and more pointedly about what is working

The question on the table is “Which of these two ways would be the radical departure for us?”

I see UUCBG as facing the need to get real about the basics and more focused on having the structures in place to support us in following through on our commitments, along with a greater willingness to ask the pointed questions about what’s working and what’s not.

I also see UUCBG as having the potential to live into its vision. We have people with the desire to learn and grow, with skills, creativity, knowledge, compassion, and wisdom to share. We are people with dreams who are willing to work for the common good. We need both our realists and our idealists as we choose how to move together into the future.

Susan Webb, President of the Board of Directors

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