GLBT Successes in 2015


National and International, in Chronological Order

·         Same-sex marriage legalized in Slovenia

·         LGBT group allowed in NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

·         Tokyo offers same-sex partnerships

·         Gender-neutral bathroom provided in White House

·         First openly transgender model on Vogue cover

·         Hawaii allows transgender to change Birth Certificate

·         Costa Rica bans LGBT discrimination

·         Ireland passes same-sex marriage

·         Commercial featuring lesbian couple in India goes viral

·         Obama declares June as LGBT Pride Month

·         First comic book headlines a gay character

·         Philadelphia raises transgender pride flag

·         Ukrainian President Poroshenko supports LGBT activists

·         Chris Mosier first transgender athlete on US National team

·         Military EO policy extended to gay service members

·         Guam legalizes same-sex marriage

·         Mexico’s Supreme Court recognizes same-sex marriage

·         Stonewall Inn gets Landmark status

·         Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal Throughout the US

·         Mozambique decriminalizes homosexuality

·         US military to remove transgender ban

·         Boy Scouts of America removes ban against openly gay leaders

·         White House hires openly transgender staff member

·         Conversion therapy banned in Illinois

·         Pres. Obama nominates Eric Fanning for US Army Secretary. Mr. Fanning is the first openly gay person nominated for this position.

·         First LGBT Family playground built in Florida

·         Colombia allows same-sex adoption

·         Dallas, Texas, passes non-discrimination law that protects transgender persons

·         Ukraine bans LGBT discrimination in the workplace

·         49 out of 50 states in US allow same-sex adoption

Successes here at UUCBG

·         We amend our bylaws to include a non-discrimation clause

·         We label our restrooms as gender neutral

·         Our church receives designation as a “Welcoming Congregation” from UUA

·         Same-sex wedding and reception happen at UUCBG

·         Diane Lewis speaks to Sociology Class at WKU campus

Backlash to Banner Year

Religious Freedom Bills are popping up throughout the US with the goal of legalized discrimination and undoing the above successes. In Kentucky, Senate Bill 180 has been passed by the Senate and is going to the House.

Please contact your State Representative.

The BG Fairness Alliance has had no success convincing elected leaders to consider a local fairness ordinance. We must continue to write and speak up.

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