On Non-Violent Communication


Our Winter Congregational Meeting was held on Sunday, February 7. As a result, along with a plan for a meditation garden and amendments to five articles in our bylaws, we now have a new Vision Statement and a Covenant of Right Relations. Both our vision and our covenant are aspirational statements. Our Vision Statement expresses our hopes for our congregation and church. Our Covenant of Right Relations describes how we, as individuals, plan to be with each other.

In the coming months, I hope all of us will be considering ideas and strategies for living into our vision and supporting our commitment to treat one another well, and, of course, fulfilling our church’s mission.

To help us learn how to live in right relation with one another, Alan Leiserson, a member of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, will be presenting here on Non-Violent Communication (NVC) on Sunday, February 28. He describes NVC as “an awareness discipline masquerading as a communication technique.”

This awareness discipline was based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, and it has been profoundly transformative in my own life. The study and practice of NVC provides opportunities to gain skill in connecting empathetically with others, and with yourself, while addressing internal and external conflicts.

At First UU Nashville, three practice groups are meeting twice each month. An NVC Introduction presentation will be held there on Friday, March 4, and it is free and open to the public. I hope some of us will go. That weekend, there will be a two-day workshop with François Beausoleil, an internationally known certified NVC trainer. See Page 4.

My big idea to support our congregation in being a caring community, in maintaining our new covenant, and in moving toward our vision of providing opportunities for learning along with inspiring and empowering people to connect, is to take inspiration from First UU Nashville.

I invite you to begin by learning what NVC has to offer and to join me in exploring NVC as something our congregation might offer to one another and our community.

Susan Webb, President of the Board of Directors


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