Still No Action on Fairness Ordinance


On Tuesday, January 12, members of the Bowling Green Fairness Alliance went to City Hall to lobby for fairness, bringing petitions signed by more than 1000 local residents. A Fairness ordinance would prohibit discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity in areas such as employment and housing. Bowling Green is the largest city in Kentucky that does not have such an ordinance.

For the fourth time, the commissioners again declined to take action. Mayor Bruce Wilkerson suggested that people contact commissioners and persuade one of them to sponsor a Fairness ordinance.

Mayor Bruce Wilkerson

(270) 392-0817

Commissioner Joe Denning

(270) 782-1048

Commissioner Melinda Hill

(270) 904-2691

Commissioner Sue Parrigin

(270) 792-1428

Commissioner Rick Williams

(270) 991-0715

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