Procedure – Sunday Bulletin


Gathering Info for the Sunday Bulletin

  1. Inserts
    • Inserts intended for use during the service (ceremonies, songs, readings, etc.) should be sent to the Service Coordinator for that Sunday at least ten days before the service.
    • Inserts intended as announcements (Third-Sunday beneficiaries, special events, important news, etc.)  are due to the office by 9 a.m. on the Monday before the service. Any insert handed out with the bulletin needs to be reviewed and proofread by a member of the Communications Committee (the minister is a member of that committee).
  2. Deadline: All information should be sent to the Church Office by 9 a.m. on Monday. Please don’t make the Office Manager track you down.
  3. The Service Coordinator for the week should send the completed Service Worksheet and any inserts for the Sunday service.
  4. Hospitality sends the names of the people who in charge of refreshments. Last Sunday of the month is a potluck and will have Committee names instead of individuals.
  5. Membership Committee sends the names of the greeters.
  6. Third-Sunday Beneficiary
    • Social Justice Action Committee should send the name of the Third-Sunday Beneficiary in even months.
    • The Board of Directors should send the name of the Third-Sunday Beneficiary in odd months.
  7. Office Manager should gather the following information:
    • Adult Forum topic and summary should be in the newsletter.
    • Next Sunday’s topic, teaser, and speaker’s name should be in Service Lineup that the Sunday Services Committee sends out.
    • Name of the leader for the Contemplative Service is listed on the sheet on the signup table near the big bulletin board.
    • Special Events for the back page – look on the calendar, last week’s bulletin, and the newsletter. People can also send them in by 9 a.m. on Monday.

Putting Together the Bulletin

  1. Open the Bulletin Template and rename it with the Sunday’s date (Do not reuse last week’s bulletin; it’s too easy to leave things in that shouldn’t be there.)
  2. Type or copy&paste the information from the Worksheet into the Template. If pasting, adjust font and size if necessary, and also watch for auto indenting or autospacing on lines
  3. Delete all the blue highlighted items not being used that week.
  4. Update everything highlighted in green with info from various committees and sources. You can turn off the highlighting as you go, or do it later in one fell swoop

Reviewing the bulletin

  1. Review bulletin. Check for accuracy, formatting, margins, etc.
  2. If necessary, do a SELECT ALL and turn off all highlighting throughout document
  3. Send the bulletin and all inserts to the Minister or a Communications Committee member (Word Doc format, not PDF) for proofreading, preferably by COB Wednesday.
  4. Make the changes recommended by the Minister or CommComm
  5. Email the Bulletin to everyone involved in the service,  and Greeters and Hospitality, preferably by COB Thursday.
  6. Also include the guidelines for Greeters and the Guidelines for Readers. ( Email addresses should be on the Service Coordinator Worksheet and are available through the Membership Directory.) Let them know their changes are due by 9 a.m. on Friday morning.
  7. Make final changes on Friday morning.

Sharing the Bulletin

  1. Print final version of the bulletin (about 80 copies usually). Print any inserts (if formatted as half-sheets, slice )
  2. Fold. The Greeters can handle the inserts if you’re pressed for time.
  3. Keep one hardcopy for office records
  4. Place bulletins and any inserts on the glass-top display cabinet with the nametags in the Olympia Brown Atrium.

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