Procedure – Unbudgeted Proposals


Board Approved March 25, 2015, Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green, Kentucky

Procedure for handling project that was not included in the approved annual budget.

After the project is approved by the Board, it should be reviewed with the Finance Committee and the Treasurer so that the project can be included in the financial system. This review should take place prior to any project expenditures. Accounts will be set up to track all contributions and expenditures. These accounts will be included in the monthly financial reports as information items, but will not be included in the reported financial results. Documentation for all expenditures and all contributions is to be provided to the church office. This will allow those contributions to be recognized by the church and included in tax information provided to the contributors. Financial details of the project will not appear in the monthly financial reports, but will be available for review by interested parties.

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