Policy – Finance Committee


Board Approved January 1, 2015 (re-approved), Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green, Kentucky 


Received from K. Kenady 2/15/14. Distributed by K. Kenady 2/18/14.


  • The following persons are authorized to sign checks on behalf of the Church: the Finance Committee chairperson, the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer, the Immediate Past Treasurer, and the President.
  • No individual is authorized to approve a payment to themselves or to approve payment for an invoice submitted by themselves.
  • Checks for less than $1000.00 require one signature; checks for $1000.00 or more require two signatures.
  • Requests are to be approved prior to submission to office staff for payment, and are to be promptly submitted so that payment can be made on a timely basis.

Committee Requests for Payment: 

Requests for payment for Church related expenditures by any Church committee are to be accompanied by UUBCG Invoice, and when applicable, by a sales receipt. These requests are to be approved by the committee chairperson, co-chairperson or secretary before submission to the Church office for payment.

Requests for Personal Reimbursement: 

All requests for personal reimbursement for Church related expenses are to be accompanied by the UUBCG Invoice, and when applicable, by a sales receipt. These requests are to be approved by the Treasurer or other Board member,

Routine/Repetitive Payments: 

Checks for payment of routine and/or repetitive obligations such as loan payments, insurance payments, tax payments etc. may be prepared and payment made without an accompanying invoice and without additional approval beyond the signing of the checks by authorized personnel. These payments are to be identified and approved prior to the start of each new fiscal year by the Finance Committee and communicated to the office staff. Any request for payment in this category which appears to the office staff to be “unusual” should be brought to the attention of the Finance Committee prior to payment.

Staff Payments: 

Staff is defined to include office staff, RE staff and any additional staff which may be added by the Church. For the purposes of this section staff does not include the Minister.

A time sheet approved by the staff members’ supervisor must be provided before a check is prepared. If the supervisor is unavailable, the time sheet may be approved by the Minister or Finance Committee chairperson. Staff supervisors are as follows:

  • Office staff–Minister
  • Religious Education staff–Chairperson of the RE Committee

Buildings and Grounds and Utilities Related Payments: 

All payment requests under the Buildings and Grounds and Utilities accounts of the annual budget, unless exempted under the Repetitive/Routine section of this procedure, are to be accompanied by an approved standard invoice. These requests are to be approved by the chairperson or secretary of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Office Supplies, Equipment and Services: 

Requests for payment for office supplies, equipment and services are to be accompanied by the standard invoice, and a sales receipt when applicable, and are to be approved by the Minister.


Requests for payment not specifically defined in this procedure are to be processed as follows: The request is to be accompanied by the UUBCG Invoice, and a sales receipt if applicable, and approved by the Minister or the Finance Committee chairperson.

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