Policy – Acceptance of Gifts in Kind


Board Approved January 1, 2015 (re-approved), Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green, Kentucky

Guidelines for Accepting Gifts of Artwork

  • The direction and emphasis the committee should follow in building a collection for the church should be “works of art inspired by, or invoking thoughts related to, Unitarian Universalist principles.” At the same time, the object is to enhance—not clutter—the minimalist, clean style of our building.
  • All gifts of art must be given without strings. A donor may not attach conditions to a gift. While short-term arrangements such as “we will display it in the lobby for 3 months,” are acceptable, long-term conditions, such as how, when, and where the work will be displayed, are not.
  • For the church’s insurance purposes, a value figure for the gift should be provided by the donor to the church officer who is signing the receipt.
  • The committee must exercise caution in accepting gifts that require extensive upkeep, such as rare documents or other items that may have special environmental requirements, etc.
  • If any doubt exists about the architectural appropriateness of any large-scale artwork—such as a sculpture, fountain, etc.—which would likely be a permanent installation, an architectural consultant should be enlisted to work with the Buildings & Grounds Committee and the Design and Aesthetics Subcommittee to evaluate its appropriateness and to make recommendations.
  • The committee reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose of a work as it sees fit, and to recommend how funds from the sale should be used. If a work is sold and replaced by another work that is purchased fully or in part by the funds from the sale of the original gift, then the original donor’s name, etc. will be listed as the donor —in full or in part—of the new work.

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