Please register your child for our Religious Exploration Program! You can also print the file RE Registration, fill it out by hand, and either mail it to the Church Office (UUCBG RE, 2033 Nashville Road, Bowling Green KY 42101) or bring it on a Sunday and put it in the collection plate or give it to an RE Teacher or Committee Member.

Religious Exploration Registration

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About the Child

If the child has their own personal email address, you can enter it here. Adults' emails are entered farther down.

Allergies, special needs, behavior, medical conditions, dietary restrictions, etc.


I give permission for my child to leave the premises under the supervision of the RE teachers for outdoor play or walking trips on the Nature trail during the Sunday morning RE Program. (Separate permission slips will be used if the class goes to another property.)

I authorize RE Staff to seek emergency medical treatment for my child when deemed necessary. This authority is granted only after a reasonable effort has been made to reach me.

I give my consent for photos of my child to be taken during RE Activities and for these images to be used on the Church website, Facebook page, bulletin boards (non-electronic), and printed materials.

I give my consent for my child's image, work, and/or interview be used in a press release to local media (newspapers, radio, etc.).

Contact Information for Adult (A)

Please enter the contact information for the adult who is responsible for the child.

Parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.

Contact Information for Adult (B)

You can enter the contact information for another adult who is responsible for the child. If the contact information is the same as for the first adult, you can leave those fields blank.

Parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.

Submit Registration Form

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