Filing Season ends on Saturday, March 31.

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Online forms can be convenient, but power can stop or service can be interrupted, and then all your work can be lost. We strongly recommend that you compose your longer responses in another document, edit and proofread them there, and then paste them into the appropriate text boxes.


There are 3 two-year seats and 1 one-year seat available on the Board this election. Please select which term(s) you are wiling to serve.

Eligibility Requirements

Our bylaws have some requirements for being a Director. Please respond to these items.

Only one member of a family/household can serve on the Board at a time. Will that be an issue?

Only two Directors can serve concurrently on the Endowment Committee and on the Board. If you are serving or planning to serve on the Endowment Committee, when does that term begin and end?

Only one Director can serve on the Nominating Committee. Are you serving on the Nominating Committee, and if so, when does your term end? If elected to the Board, would you prefer to resign from the Nominating Committee or to be the Board member of that Committee?

No one can be an elected Director and also serve on the Committee on Ministry. If you are currently serving on the  CoM and your term does not expire before 1 July, please be aware that you would need to resign from the CoM if you are are elected to the Board. Will this be an issue?

Each month the Board of Directors uses email for quality control and approval of meeting minutes. The Board also on occasion will use email to conduct business with online voting as prescribed in our bylaws. Please comment on your use of email for communication and your willingness to be available by email in a timely fashion.

Voter Guide Responses

Your answers to the following five questions will be included in a Voter Guide for members of the congregation to review before the election.

When did you become a UUCBG member? How long have you been a UU?

What has been your previous service of time and talent to the church? Have you been on a committee or chaired a committee? Please elaborate.

Do you have special skills or training that would be of benefit to the Board as they make decisions? (For example - experience in financial matters, construction, fund raising, child care, attendance at a UU school, etc.)

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?

What is your vision for the future of this congregation?

(Please type the number; don't write out the word.)