It is time to launch an official early program. In response to members’ requests for a course to help in our evolution as individuals, as members, and as a church, on Sunday, January 7th at 9:30 am in the sanctuary, we will initiate the Ascendants Program. In effect, we are taking a page from the evangelicals, offering adult Sunday school before the main service. The Ascendants will combine practice, presentation, discussion, and collaboration to create an environment for the collective cultivation of better selves, more beautiful souls and Ubuntu.

We will begin with this month’s theme, Inner Work. On January 7, we will open with a session focused on “Integrity: The Foundation of Consciousness.” On January 14, we will consider “The Enneagram,” a powerful tool for self-awareness and spiritual growth (Take the RHETI instrument at or any of a number of Enneagram instruments on other websites). On January 21, in the light of the sessions on Integrity and the Enneagram, we will finish the month with a discussion of “Chosen Virtues: the Personal Practice of Soul Creation.”
Please support this program if at all possible; it is an important part of our overall growth strategy. The early service has been a struggle this year, a work in progress. The process has been useful and informative for me, allowing for experiments and gaining insight into what does and does not work.

We have made considerable progress as a congregation. Despite the challenges we have had around differences and preferences, not to mention security concerns and financial questions, we are doing well. Attendance and membership are growing, we are making operational improvements, and developing a sense of what we aspire to become in relation to the wider community. We are developing events and projects, and participation for each of them has usually been at least 15% of our membership.

The next step is to focus on programming to support and nurture the evolution of our membership. In addition to the Ascendants beginning on January 7, we continue to have other Sunday morning programs available, including the Contemplative Circle at 9:00, and the Meditation Group and the Forum at 10:00. Each of these is valuable, and I encourage you to participate in them as you feel led, as well.

May we find wisdom together. Namaste and Blessed be.

            Reverend Roger Mohr

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