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And so we begin. As I write this, I am sitting in the office at the church, after doing the basic beginning things, like setting up internet connections, wandering around the building figuring out what keys are for what locks, etc. I am excited to get started.

Perhaps the most important thing to communicate is how to get in touch with me. Of course, by phone, simply call the church (I don’t share my cell number unless we have a close working relationship). My email address is, and that is the surest way to get in touch with me.

If you want to meet with me, an appointment is always your best bet. I work every day, including Saturdays, but I will take meetings off site or plan a rest day, so I may or may not be around if you just drop by. In general, I plan to be in the office early mornings until mid-morning, then I will return for a while in the afternoon or evening, pending my meeting schedule. I will walk or bicycle to the office whenever possible, so I may be here when my car isn’t. I intend to be in the pulpit first, second, and third Sundays, and I will usually travel on those weekends when I am not speaking. Please do feel free to set up a “getting to know you” meeting, if you feel inclined to do so.

There are five goals of interim ministry (from the site

  1. Heritage: reviewing how the congregation has been shaped and formed.
  2. Mission: defining and redefining sense of purpose and direction.
  3. Leadership: reviewing the congregation’s ways of organizing, and developing an effective clergy and lay leadership structure.
  4. Connections: discovering all the relationships and networks a faith community builds beyond itself.
  5. Future: synthesizing the interim work, activating and training the pastoral search/call committee, and coaching the committee (as requested) to accomplish its work.

This year, along with the five interim goals, we will be focusing on developing your capacity in building and developing your membership, which will touch on all areas of congregational life. I will be at most meetings, as time and energy permit, so I look forward to working with you. Let’s have some fun!

Rev. Mohr


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