A Wanderer


Come, come, whoever you are, Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving,

Ours is no caravan of despair…. Come, yet again, come.

~ Rumi (Hymn #188)

In the interview process during this year’s search one of the people on the interview team at another congregation began with the statement/question, “Well, you seem to be some sort of wanderer…?” She had grasped a fundamental truth of my nature. I am a wanderer, joyfully at home in the Cosmos, and content to spend my life in the disciplines of exploration and discovery.

I have been a UU minister for fourteen years, and hope to continue my ministry for at least another fourteen. I have ministered in cities as diverse as Clinton IA and Detroit MI, and have lived on both coasts and on the northern and southern boundaries of the US. I have moved over forty times, lived in ten different states (Kentucky makes my 11th, I think), and visited 49 states. I love cities and forests, farms and mountains. I do get around.  Likewise, I have worked on the factory line, served in the Marines, spent time as a builder and general contractor, performed as a musician, and consulted in both leadership and finance, and taught undergraduate philosophy classes. My spiritual life has been similar, as I have at one time practiced everything from Neo-Paganism to Pentecostal Christianity, as well as Humanism, Buddhism, and Taoism.  At present I consider myself a secular contemplative, enjoying a committed daily practice of meditation and movement. I feel gratitude for what I have learned from the world’s religious traditions even as my practice is independent of religious beliefs. I love change and I believe in the possibility of progress, both individually and collectively. We can make it better together.

I am looking forward to ministering with you at UUCBG. I appreciate your situation as both a beacon and a sanctuary in your community and region. I believe we have good work to do together. I am excited about meeting you and getting started!

Rev. Roger Mohr


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