Request for Mediation to Resolve Conflict


Anyone who is having conflict with another person at UUBG is encouraged to speak directly to that person and try to resolve it. If that does not work, ask a friend to come with you to help. You can ask the Facilitators for help with these discussions by emailing

If, after trying both those approaches, the conflict is still not resolved, you may request formal mediation from the Facilitators of Right Relations by filling out and submitting the form below. If you don’t want to fill it out online, you can use these files:

UUCB Mediation (MS Word)

UUCB Mediation (PDF version)

Fields marked with an * are required

STEP 1: Have you talked with the other person and tried to resolve the problem?

Help Text

STEP 2: Have you asked a friend or another person to help the two of you resolve the issue?

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Step 3: If you have already completed both Step 1 and Step 2, then you may request mediation.
You may not submit an anonymous request, and your request for mediation will be shared with the person you name in this form. They will be asked to respond to these questions also, and they must agree to be involved for mediation to begin.

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